Pumps for Inflatable Boats

Key principles of what makes an inflatable boat "inflatable" dictate that you must supply a gratuitous amount of air in order to prep your boat before hitting the water. As portable air compressors are becoming more advanced, people are able to get more PSI per second out of smaller and smaller units. Pumps for inflatable boats are getting better with time and the time necessary to pump your inflatable boat has gone down significantly. Gone are the days of hand-pumping inflatable equipment – battery or gas operated air compressors are the best solutions for pumping your boat's air bladders up!

When Lungs Just Aren't Enough

Pumping up an inflatable boat is no short feat of air: if you tried to blow one up using lung power you'd pass out before being able to see a difference in the inflation of the boat. Luckily, you'll never have to try blowing up an inflatable boat using lung power alone. There are air compressors that pump thousands of pounds of air into a bladder within minutes. Depending on the rate of PSI pumped per second you may be able to unload your inflatable boat from your car, get it fixed up to the pump and get it in the water after it's entirely inflated all within a mere twenty minutes. Finding a pump for an inflatable boat is no chore though you have to be sure that you get a pump that will work with your boat.

Pumps to Inflate Your Boat

Pumps vary in output, noise and type. There are two-stage air compressor pumps that work well for the purposes of pumping up an inflatable boat. Some require batteries whereas others need to be plugged into an outlet. If you have a car, you can easily use the DC jack with an AC inverter to get power for your air compressor. PSI, aka: pounds per square inch, is the amount of pressure against any given inch of tire tubing. Higher quality air pumps will output more PSI per second than lower quality pumps. When selecting a pump specific to your boat, be wary that the power isn't so great that it could quickly pop your boat's air bladder after being fully inflated.

What PSI Is Ideal for Pumping a Boat?

Depending on the kind of inflatable boat that you've got and also depending on the kind of boating that you'll be doing in it, variable PSI is recommended for filling your inflatable boat. Regardless of the exact PSI recommended for your boat, the amount of pressure should make the material taut and hard. Overinflating can result in the material popping or developing pin-sized holes along seams as a result of the pressure so be sure to check the manual for the exact PSI. Most air compressors will be able to fill an entire inflatable boat within an hour though the good ones will be able to do it in ten to twenty minutes. Find your ideal marine air pump online for cheap!

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