Inflatable Boats Rib

There are a couple of ways that the word "rib" is used with boats. First and commonly known, there are joints in a ship's frame called ribs, which form the structure around which the waterproof material is wrapped around to make a boat. These ribs are typically found in older nautical vessels as newer small boats are being increasingly made of plastics and composites for strength and longevity. The other type of reference to the word "rib" is actually an acronym: RIB stands for "rigid inflatable boat". While inflatable boat fabric and craftsmanship is already hardy, the rigid inflatable boat takes it one step further.

A Hardier Inflatable Boat

Rigid inflatable boats are often a blend of fiberglass or composite frames that feature inflatable tubes that create the buoyancy and shape of the vessel. These rigid inflatable boats often feature frames that give the boat extra protection in rough waters or terrain that could puncture or tear an all fabric inflatable boat. While for actual use the rigid inflatable boat is built hardier than their non-rigid brethren, there are things that will quickly kill chances of cruising waters with either rigid or non-rigid inflatable boats. Leaving the boats exposed to the sun for long periods of time can wear out the rubbers and synthetic materials that make up the boat fabrics. Very high quality inflatable boats will be made out of material that is multi-ply and extremely rugged but the UV rays of the sun can deteriorate outer layers of the fabric and result in a weaker boat for next season!

What Makes an Inflatable Boat A RIB

Specifically, the thing that sets apart traditional inflatable boats and the rigid inflatable boat is that rigid inflatable boats will feature a plastic or fiberglass hull or frame that adds maneuverability as well as durability. Rigid inflatable boats are virtually a hybrid between an inflatable boat and a fiberglass boat. Rigid inflatable boats feature varying designs and numbers of seats. Capacity aboard a rigid inflatable boat is comparable to that of a typical inflatable boat: beware of excessive cargo, however, because rigid inflatable boats are made for quick turns with a "V" shaped hull. This allows the boat to more easily slice through water than all-inflatable alternatives.

Getting a Deal on Rigid Inflatable Boats

If you're in the market for a boat and you've determined that an inflatable boat would be your ideal vessel, definitely consider your options in rigid inflatable boats. These boats are not much more expensive than traditional inflatable boats but they offer a wide variety of advantages. These boats are the sports cars of inflatable boats with tight maneuvering and set ups for large outboard motors. Ideal for fishing, traveling or just sightseeing, a rigid airboat offers the thrill of exhilaration when whipping through the water making quick turns. Also, in case of a motor failure, the "V" shaped hull allows greater manual maneuverability by those paddling the boat if the boat has to be paddled to shore.

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