Inflatable Boats Repairs

There is a saying that "nothing lasts forever" and in the case of inflatable boats, this is certainly true. Inflatable boats are a unique and less costly solution to putting yourself and friends out on the water for fishing trips and scenic boat rides. Inflatable boats can be outfitted with outboard motors in varying sizes and they are made of thick, multi-ply material that is resistant to puncture and tear. Though they are designed to be knocked around quite a bit, inflatable boats still can wind out damaged and need repair. Some repairs are simple fixes that any boat owner can accomplish while others will require expert help.

Service For Torn Inflatable Boats

Tears are often the result of rocks or unseen hazards beneath the water. While occasionally tears occur as a result of the boat owner's negligence, (getting fish hooks caught in the material) the majority of cases that involve large tears are a result of direct impact with jagged rocks. In some cases, tears will "total" your inflatable boat: at the point at which patching would have to be too large to be safe you may as well invest in another boat. For smaller tears though, patching works well and can often be done by the boat owner using a DIY kit. For trickier fixes such as the repair or replacement of fiberglass or plastic hulls in rigid inflatable boats, there are service centers that will perform the repair for a reasonable fee. Generally, sales centers double as service centers in the nautical vessel sales arena but be sure to check first with where you got your boat to see if they offer service as well.

Getting a Quick Patch-Up

Patching up an inflatable boat is a process that takes hours and not minutes: even though the repair is quickly finished, the adhesives need time to correctly bond before moving the vessel. If you have your boat in for service and you're only getting a patch, you may wind up paying a nominal flat rate for the patching service but expect service to take at least an hour. Treating the area of the puncture, cutting the right sized patch and applying the water-resistant coating over the entire area of the boat that suffered the puncture is a deliberate work and must be tended to carefully and thoroughly.

Qualities of Superior Boat Repair People

Just as every service industry has their gems among rocks, so too does the boat repair industry. Things to look for in an outstanding service center are certificates of achievement, awards from the community and degrees in the field of nautical design and business. By investigating the internet for consumer reviews you can also get an idea of what service professionals live up to their name. While price is always a bottom-line issue, some service stations will wind up cheaper than others. Do yourself a favor and investigate to find out which service mechanics have better training and experiential backgrounds and you'll thank yourself later!

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