Inflatable Boats Motor

While people often think of inflatable boats as toy-like blow up pool accessories, the quality and versatility of modern-day inflatable boats is impressive. Inflatable boats are made of thick, multi-ply materials that are resistant to shock and puncture. They also feature the ability to affix an outboard motor on the back allowing for much greater speed and maneuvering. When shopping for an inflatable boat motor, consider that the inflatable boat is a much lighter beast than any hard-shelled boat on the market. You can opt for a smaller motor with inflatable boats and still get the knots per hour that you desire!

Outboard Motor Versus Paddles

If you live on a small pond or channel that you will be using your inflatable boat for you may not immediately see the value in an outboard motor. Paddles are great and they help unify the boat when getting out to an ideal fishing spot. They're good exercise and they should be present in every inflatable boat just in case an outboard motor blows. Most folks will understand why having even a small motor can be of use on an inflatable boat. These motors are inexpensive and they provide consistent horsepower to drive the boat. Bigger outboard motors are available that aren't as cheap but they will yield high speeds and a long life. Especially great to use with large, outboard motors are rigid inflatable boats (RIB's). These crafts have a hard plastic or fiberglass hull in the shape of a "V" for maneuverability.

Finding the Right Size Motor for Your Inflatable Boat

While speed is fun, overloading a small inflatable boat with too much horsepower can mean a dangerous scenario for passengers: the boat can literally flip over! By getting a motor that effectively drives your inflatable boat forward while not creating enough force to lift the front of the boat to the point of tipping, you'll find the optimal blend of power and performance for which you're searching. Taking into account the weight of the boat, how many passengers there will be, how much cargo you'll have and how fast you'd like your little dingy to travel you will be able to whittle down your list of choices for an inflatable boat motor and get the power that you need! Beware of motors that are too small as well – there's no fun in paddling while running the motor just to get ashore.

Bargain Boat Motors in Canada

Buying a boat motor is as simple as picking up a car battery – there are different motors rated for different vessels but the requirements aren't as specific as car tire sizes, for instance. You can pick an outboard motor based on horsepower, CC's or fuel economy. All of these factors play a major role into determining the best motor for your boat. To find great deals on motors for inflatable boats found in Canada, search the internet for reviews on boat outfitters in your area and call some directly. They'll be glad to help!

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